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Our Non-Residential Rainforest Retreat
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Gold Coast - Springbrook, Queensland, Australia

Peaceful, Zen Retreat (set in a beautiful rainforest beside bubbling creek) on the Gold Coast, Australia

- Location: Springbrook Rainforest, Queensland, Australia
- 15 mins away from Gold Coast's world famous beaches and resorts
- Recommendations can be provided for any required nearby accommodation
- 20 mins away from Coolangatta airport, 50 mins from Brisbane airport, Queensland.

Doctors Prescribing Time Outdoors

Forest Bathing

At least 4 new studies suggest that connecting with nature improves our minds and moods.

The benefits of spending time in forests was extensively researched in Japan in the 1980s. Researchers there found that just two hours in the forest could reduce blood pressure and stress hormones and boost concentration and memory. Further, chemicals released by trees called phytoncides actually boosted the immune system. The practice of forest bathing, or shinrin-yoku, then grew into a national health program in Japan. It has since spread around the world, with sessions offered in parks from London to New York.

Natural Medicine
Today, a growing number of Doctors are prescribing 'Time Outdoors'.

One doctor who was inspired by Louv's book was Dr. Robert Zarr, a Washington, DC pediatrician who  mapped and rated parks in the DC area and allows doctors to find parks near patients' homes.

The book; ‘Forest Bathing: How Trees Can Help You Find Health and Happiness’ by Dr. Qing Li, provides an excellent primer in the practice.


  "To find yourself…be in the moment.. and be connected.. I have found the key is to be still.. and listen to nature. From that clear space in your mind you can begin building a rejuvenated self and a future that has no limits."
-Dr Perry Zeus
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